Thursday, May 20, 2010

My school life...

1.Ria Kindergarten Yayasan Sabah(1996);
this kindergarten is far away from where i lived before at Petagas. Thank God the schedule is following the office hour. 8am to 5pm. cool right?
i had my breakfast, my lunch,Tea-time and also nap there. Tadika Ria is so fun! there were lots of games and activity instead of studying. for example, if today we are going to Likas Aquatic stadium for swimming, the next day we will have Karate Training in the kindergarten hall. i learn so much in this memorable place. i learn to read, count, draw, swim, karate, dance, play traditional music and many more!

i don't remember so much as i didn't stay for long in this school. all the things that would pop-out in my mind whenever i think of this school is 'jin in the toilet,mi goreng 20sen 1bungkus, kena denda tidak pandai sifir, jalan kaki pigi sikul and pulang rumah, kalau hujan kaki ayam, limpas kuburan, padang and bridge...' that is all i could remember... "n_n

3.SK.Bukit Padang(1997);
this school is for student and there are 'special kids' studying there too. there were classes for us and also classes that were specially designed for the special children. After SK.Ambual, i moved to this school because i was staying in KK already and i didn't really like to study in village's school as i heard there were lots of ghosts there. huhu... =(
i was studying in this school with my elder sister, Merry. she managed to finish her primary school there but i did not. i get bored easily i guess...well, instead of having a discipline problem, i was bored. ;p
i really had both good and bad times here. In this school, if a boy likes you, but you don't like them, they will punch your stomach and kick your buttocks! weird,childish, but its the truth. maybe that is their way to 'charm' a girl. "-_- I was one of the victim. A few boys wanted to be my boyfriend and i rejected all of them because i was a tomboy and they were so short and childish!(also not my type at all). "-.- i still remember, they were 5 boys i fought at the school's field. they punched and kicked me!(kurang ajar kan?buduh!) i was bleeding a bit especially my mouth. Fortunately, i am the was easy for me to kick them all and i did throw a short little boy away just like that. he was petite! how could he have the heart to 'join in'??(hahaahaa!!) >,< those are my bad times. By the way,i myself was quiet naughty those days. i bullied and tried to squeeze the rich boy's money. muaahaahaa~! ^o^ i was quiet famous in school because my name was always mentioned by the discipline teacher. ^o^
i still remember there were toyols in the school. cool~! but i never get the chance to see them because the toyol ran too fast! damn. the toyol only likes to enter the ladies room. there were also crocodile near the bushes. Thank God it was just a baby crocodile or maybe a teenage crocodile. hehe...
SK.Bukit Padang taught me so much. One of them was i had to learn to dance Malay Dance. Cikgu Zulkarnain taught me Daling-Daling dance with his eyes closed. he was very good. he is a strict and hot-tempered teacher. he often scold the boys for small mistakes but he never did that or be angry to me when i made bigger mistakes. i wonder if he liked me. hahaha! kidding. ;p
Unfortunately, i had many cases there like fighting, stealing people's 'pemadam' (untuk game belawan pemadam kan),steal teacher's stuff (only those who i hated),escape classes, breaking in abandoned bungalows, boarding schools and so on. wow. i was evil. "n_n

4.ST.Francis Convent(1999);
i moved to this school when i was in primary 2. i was in class 2 Rose and 3 Orchid. i did not stay for long here too because i did not and never will like this school. To be in this school, i think you have to be strong in mentally, physically, intelligent, rich, hypocrite, mean, famous or beautiful. its hard for me to have a true friends here. i was once bullied by a girl name 'F'. she is indeed rich, mean, hypocrite but not that pretty. you would not see her eye balls unless you stand 1inch in front of her.

Why my name is PACHARA ?

People often ask me why my name is Pachara? I guess this time i just give them my blog url and move on. hehe... >,<

Long time ago,before my father was married, he went to Thailand for business and travel course. He stayed at a hotel where he met a staff lady named 'Patchara'. according to him, the lady is pretty. He asked her what is the meaning of the name. so she answer this,"Patchara means angel in Thailand." so my father said," I see, I would like to name my 1st daughter Patchara then because it would be unique in my country and it means angel. i wouldn't want to name her exactly Angel because i'm afraid she could be anything evil but not angel. that would be embarrassing." (....."-_-)

So my father named me Pachara. He erased the 'T' but my nickname is still with the 'T'. Pat. Patty. n_n

My Family and i...

I am the 2nd daughter in 5siblings. all 5 of us are daughters! hehe... My elder sister is Merry Tezz Verina. she is 22years old. Then me, Pachara. n_n 19years old. 3rd is Laura, 17years old. 4th is Tamara, 13years old and the youngest is Tania Dimple, 10years old. all of us have different faces. like so much different from each of us. My father is Emmanuel Apin and my mother is Lucia Jenedi peter Tinggi.

My dad is from Ranau. Kg.Sinorut Lama. he is mixed Chinese and Dusun. My mom is pure Murut from Kg.Ambual Keningau. Our family used to live in Kepayan,Petagas, Lido and now in Penampang. my sisters and i kept changing school because we moved out a lot.

I have a niece and a nephew. Their name is Lenna and Aeril. they are so cute and naughty! i am glad to be an aunty!

My 3rd sister Laura@Lola, used to study in SMK Taman Tun Fuad and this year she is studying in SMK Bingkor, Keningau. Laura is a brave girl, very loud, rocker and active.she plays basketball but just don't let her run a lot. hehehe... >.< she could be very mean if she doesn't agree with things but actually she is caring, hardworking and loving person. i say this because she always do the diapers for our baby niece and nephew. hehe... =) Laura have this chinese+kadazan look, very long straight hair, chubby cheek and a few pierce on her face and toungue. Go sister! She is taking SPM this year. I hope her music genre and jammings helps her. Best of Luck Lola! hehe... ;p

My sister Tamara, is studying in SMK.Taman Tun Fuad. she have the 'orang putih+kadazan' look, short brown hair, with guy attitude, a very good immitater and a good dancer especially titonic and shuffle,(she also do dangdut sometimes >,<)i am so envy to her. Tamara is an active tomboyish girl, easily get angry and sensitive but she is a helping sister and also the brightest one in our siblings. she could answer a Form5 and Diploma level question when she was 9years old. our father punished us, the elders, because we couldn't answer that question. Ggggrrhhh~~!!! she is indeed clever. i have to admit that. "-_- i hate you Tammy. i always do... :p

Lastly, my youngest adorable sister, Tania Dimple. she is also studying in SK.Mutiara after graduated from Kindergarten K.K. We call her Dimple or Purple. Dimple could sing and dance! she always want to look good everyday. she is photogenic and almost like me, she loves to draw! i think, she could be a model in the future and also could further her talent in drawing. We, the elder sisters loves to bully her around but she never cares. she is like ''whatever~ i am the youngest~ mommy n daddy loves me more~'' hahaha...salute that! hehe...try kick or punch her. she will not cry but she'll do the same back at you. Oouchh!! ~..~ but we always care for her and try not to be to harsh because she would cry at the end.huhu... Dimple~ Dimple~.... ;p

Sing Song~ !

I love to sing. Especially English songs. seriously.... -_-'' i am still learning to sing Malay songs... Maybe i sound better in English because it's like mumbling air and saliva... muahahaahaaa... >,< !

I am more to country, oldies, RnB and pop songs... for country, I love Elvis Presley, The corrs and the Beatles. for Oldies, i love the Bee Gees, Air Supply, the Scorpion, Mary hopkins, Richard Marx and Lobo...!! ^-^ other than that, i love Celine Dion, Shakira, M2M, Lady GaGa, justin Timberlake, Enrique Iglesias, Ashlee Simpson, Lily Allen, Justin Bieber and many more!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Talk about Art...

Arts...~ n_n

Once upon a time, i was 6years old when i started my luck to sell my drawings. it's started with 20cent per A4 paper and then it increased slowly to 50cent, RM1, RM2, RM5, RM10 and so on... it was a little bit funny when i made my parents wonder how could i go to school with RM1 and went back home with RM10 to RM30 depending how hardwork i was, how many drawings i did and the quality of the drawing. i could differenciate the quality depending how hard, how nice and how long it takes for me to finish it. hehe..
when i think back at those times, i smiled and giggled. >,< everyday in the morning after assembly, the kids, ooopss! my schoolmates, ran towards me to choose which drawing is the best and bought it! it was a simple drawing. back home, i played the VCD, paused it and draw! i drew portraits and cartoons/anime/3D like Tarzan, Pokemon, Mickey Mouse, Doraemon, Cinderella, Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, Tom and Jerry, the Lion King and many more. i couldn't recall. n_n i love this memory... Thank u God... for giving me these talents and experience... ^-^

DanCe DanCe!

I learn to dance when i was 5years old. i started with traditional dance like the Sumazau and Magunatip (the bamboo dance by Murut people). Then, i learn modern dance by myself when i was about 10years old. when i turn 11, i joined a traditional group dance competition. the Sekolah-sekolah rendah Kota Kinabalu level and our group won 2nd place. I won the title 'Penari Terbaik Perempuan K.K'. i was happy because our group sacrificed so much for the competition and at the same time, i was proud and satisfied because i proved to the people around that 'Tomboy' could dance and could be better than ladylike girls! hehe... n_n

About me

My name is Pachara Emmanuel Apin. i'm 19 years old. i'm taking diploma in Tourism in ATI (Asian Tourism International college)... i am a dancer, model and a part time singer...

I love arts...for example singing, dancing, drawing, modelling and now, i love photographing...